Affiliate programs

These programs, and presenters have been carefully selected to complement and provide depth to the Design Business School programs. Each one is written specifically for Australian designers and presented by skilled practitioners.

Content is practical, the insights are invaluable.



Creating a successful design business relies on the ability to communicate quickly and efficiently. Most designers intuitively do that visually, but are less confident building engaging content, or crafting a persuasive story, in writing.

The aim of these workshops is to teach design practitioners how to create content – whether it’s a blog post, a case study or a podcast – that will encourage clients to engage with your studio.

The workshops are designed to be presented inhouse, in your studio with as many of your team as needed. That way each workshop will deliver maximum value.

These courses have been devised, written and presented by two of Melbourne’s most experienced writers, content-makers and broadcasters. They have been specifically created for design practitioners.

For over the past 20 years Serpil Senelmis has presented live TV and radio from local and international locations, including ANZAC Cove in Turkey for ABC Radio’s centenary commemorations of the Gallipoli landings. In 2017, Serpil presented the national afternoons program on ABC Radio. She is a regular co-host on Jon Faine’s The Conversation Hour on ABC Radio Melbourne.

Serpil’s writing has featured in several publications, most recently on the ABC’s The Drum, news websites and The University of Melbourne’s online publication Pursuit. As co-founder of Written & Recorded she has also consulted as a copywriter for The University of Melbourne.

James Brandis began his broadcasting career 20 years ago presenting commercial breakfast radio and later spent more than a decade with ABC Radio. Most recently James was the Managing Editor of the online investing publication The Constant Investor, launched by Alan Kohler.

James’s writing has featured on the ABC’s website, Wesley Mission Victoria’s website, and in countless media releases, marketing emails and speeches. As co-founder of Written & Recorded he has written copy for The Brand Agency.

Want to know more? We’d love to talk, email us directly Serpil or James.

This 3-hour workshop specifically addresses the purpose of a case study: to showcase your work to prospective clients. And it addresses common problems: many online case studies lack the elements that made the work great in the first place – creativity, design and great story telling.

Harnessing the tools of journalism, the workshop will deliver the skills to write powerful and effective case studies. It will focus on the following topics:

  • knowing your audience
  • how to structure your case study
  • style, readability and tone
  • elements to include in your case study
  • communicating your unique value proposition
  • proof, refine, review
  • showcasing and promoting your case studies.

The workshop is on demand, designed to be run in your studio with as many of your team as needed. Content is flexible and can be tailored to suit your needs and your studio.

The cost is $1500 plus GST.

Want to know more? Email Serpil or James.

Workshop content to be released April 2018.

Want to be kept up to date? Email Serpil or James.

Workshop content to be released May 2018.

Want to be kept up to date? Email Serpil or James.



The ability to write succinct, targeted strategy is no longer an option for designers, it’s a must. Having a sound, strategic design approach helps to move client decisions from the subjective to the objective, and that makes for clarity of decision and easier approvals.

This masterclass has been devised, written and presented by Jim Antonopoulos, a Melbourne design strategist.

Jim has been working professionally in the Australian design industry since 1990 in the following areas:

  • brand strategy
  • brand development
  • communications strategy
  • digital strategy
  • user interface design
  • user experience design
  • human-centred design

Jim co-owns a strategic design firm named Tank in Melbourne, Australia. They’re a B Corporation, believing that business can balance positive purpose with meaningful profit.

Feel free to email to Jim directly.

This online masterclass teaches a human approach to strategy. It is aimed at emerging designers and strategists and provides the foundations to develop skills in brand strategy, communications strategy and digital strategy.

This course is perfect for designers interested in doing more strategy work, or those evolving their career towards a bigger, broader discipline that solves real-world business, communication and design challenges. It delivers the skills, tools and resources to become a purposeful creative leader.

This masterclass is completely flexible. You could commit 2 hours week, 10 hours a week or 40 hours a week – the option is completely yours. The cost is:

  • Foundation course at $599 USD (note US dollars)
  • Pro course at $899 USD (note US dollars).

If you’d like a testimonial on how valuable I found this course, or just want to know more contact Carol.

Want to enrol? Use this link and use discount code dbc-studiomanagement-student-10-2018


Presentation skills

The greatest idea can be lost when communicated without clarity and confidence. Adversely the same idea, presented in a well-modulated voice, at the right pace, and explained in an engaging and passionate way, has a much better chance of success.

Getting in front of a client is getting more difficult as everyone gets more time poor. This means every presentation is constantly assessed for its value.

Luckily, it’s not only the charismatic that can rule the world. Presentation skills can be learnt. With practice, they could become your point of difference – the thing that sets you apart from other designers.

We’re currently researching presenters with skills suitable for design practitioners.

If you know of someone, email Carol directly.

Workshop content to be released shortly.

For more information email Carol directly.


The design CFO

The Creative Industries Innovation Centre (CIIC) forensic report on the Australian graphic design industry identified financial mismanagement as the third largest problem facing agencies. They said “Poor financial records and management systems, namely in quoting and job tracking, result in profitless jobs, burgeoning and costly debt.“

This is where the Design CFO comes in. A specialist to help you analyse your financial performance and give you ongoing mentoring to help get solid financial practice in place.

Workshop content to be released shortly.

For more information email Carol directly.