About the DBS

We’ve developed a business school specifically for designers.

The content is tailored to Australian design studios.

Presented by Australia’s leading design business mentor and coach.


We know design studios don’t fail because they lack creativity. They fail because they lack business acumen.  Business skills are not covered at uni and learning on the job can be slow and costly.

Added to that, the business skills needed to run a sustainable design studio are different to those needed in other small businesses. Managing creatives is not for the faint hearted and maintaining a sustainable creative business is tough.

Enter the Design Business School.

The DBS content is a minimum of theory and an abundance of practical work. Better still, it is practical lessons centred on your studio and your business.

Design PD that pays off

A leadership program that develops a management team in your studio.

Programs that improve your studio’s business performance

Helps you retain and grow good staff.

Content a design practitioner will use everyday.


We’ve all left a PD day full of hope and energy only to have it dissipate when the demands of real life kicks in.

So we’ve designed programs to make learnings stick. They’re full of practical content that is useful every day. Better still, you don’t need to leave the studio to learn. You can do the courses online using your studio and your client’s as case studies.

You can learn at your pace, in your time but you’re not alone. We present the program content and then work alongside you as you complete units. We’re available online throughout the program(s) to help you get through the sticky bits and review the learnings at the end. That way we can make sure you get what you need from the content.

We guarantee, when you leave, it will be with a better performing, sustainable design practice.

Greg Branson

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“The Business of design Leadership Program gave me a unique opportunity to apply tools and insights directly to my business. The challenge for me has always been how to shift the business while still working in it. That’s what this program has done for me.”

Studio founder – Sydney. Studio of 9 staff


The Business of Design Leadership Program is leadership program that develops a management team in your studio. It involves the whole studio in an online program of mentoring and workshops.


The Design Studio Management Program is a fast-track to the management skills needed to run a design studio. It’s perfect for designers wanting to move to management or start their own business.


Selling more design for print and digital is an intensive program that shows how to sell design campaigns that build your business.