A business school for designers

We know it’s difficult to find time for professional development.

You got the excuse, we’ve got the answer…


The DBS delivers professional development better than others.

Where other courses are one day set and forget, DBS make the learnings stick by working alongside you while you learn and staying close while you implement.

It’s a minimum of theory and a maximum of practical case studies based on your studio and your industry learnt at your pace.

The results will be a better performing, more capable businesses.

A common reason designers move jobs is because there is no obvious career progression. By growing the business you create career opportunities.

The Business of Design Leadership program will not only improve your business performance (because it’s based on your studio) it will improve your designer’s performance as they learn new business and client management skills.

The DBS Design Studio Management program is perfect for a young designer wanting to learn management skills or a mature designer wanting to fast track their learning on the job.

The Selling more design for print program will help the studio grow with larger clients and more complex projects, giving designers job satisfaction and a career path to grow with the business.

Absolutely. Our programs can involve the whole team. For example: the Business of Design Leadership program is designed for a studio owner and up to 4 staff to participate. It builds a management team with a shared vision and culture at that inturn improves business performance. Don’t just take our word … read the testimonials.

The content of the DBS is written by Australian design practitioners written specifically for Australian designers. 

It’s based on insights gained by Greg Branson of the Design Business Council through workshops and mentoring conducted over the past decade. These courses are like a ‘best of’ that content.

The Design Studio Management course is based on Carol Mackay’s experience founding and managing an Australian design studio.

The affilate programs are a curated group of tried and tested programs, written and presented by qualified, experienced practioners.

It’s the old adage work smarter not harder – we all know that we should work on our business and not just in our business but yes, it’s hard to make the time.

The DBS programs are minimum theory and an abundance of practical work and the content is based on your studio and your clients. So you can learn while you earn.

Everything is aimed at you getting a return on your investment by improving your business skills that will improve studio profits.

Better still, the programs can be done at home, or in your studio, at your own pace.

DBS is an initiative of Greg Branson and Carol Mackay.

Greg is a design practitioner with extensive experience co-founding and managing a Melbourne design studio before starting the Design Business Council. More information about Greg can be found on Greg’s Linkedin profile or read his CV.

Carol Mackay is a design practitioner with over 30 years experience founding and managing an Australian design studio. More information about Greg can be found on Carol’s Linkedin profile or here.

Greg Branson

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“We were excited to commence the Business of design Leadership Program as it gave us an opportunity for the team as a whole to come together – separate to talking about specific projects.

While we were a little unsure as to how the content would relate to all the staff, it proved to be a great learning experience for us all. We would highly recommend any design studio to invest the time into delving deeper into their business, they certainly won’t regret it. We look forward to working further with Greg on other projects in the future.”

Rikki Clarke – Director, Creative Space, Perth.


The Business of Design Leadership Program is leadership program that develops a management team in your studio. It involves the whole studio in an online program of mentoring and workshops.


The Design Studio Management Program is a fast-track to the management skills needed to run a design studio. It’s perfect for designers wanting to move to management or start their own business.


Selling more design for print and digital is an intensive program that shows how to sell design campaigns that build your business.